British Western Shooting Society

Cowboy Action Shooting, the shortest way to the Old West short of owning a time machine!

Northcotes 21st & 22nd January

Northcotes 25th & 26th Febuary

Kidderminster 11th and 12th March

Weekend results


course of fire.

Stage 1- 10 Rifle, 10 pistol 4 shotgun

Stage 2 -10 Pistol, 10 rifle 2 shotgun

Stage 3 -4 shotgun, 10 rifle, 10 pistol

Stage 4 -5 Pistol, 6 shotgun, 6 rifle

Stage 5- 10 rifle, 4 shotgun, 10 pistol

Stage 6- 10 pistol, 4 shotgun, 4 rifle. 

Northcotes 18th and 19th March

Northcotes 22nd and 23rd April

Northcotes 20th and 21st May

Burgh Le Marsh 10th June


Northcotes 24th and 25th June

Northcotes 22nd and 23rd July


Northcotes 19th and 20th August

Northcotes 16th and 17th September

Northcotes 21st and 22nd October

Northcotes 18th and 19th November 

Northcotes 16th December


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