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Angel Eyes
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The new home range is taking shape at North Cotes Butts. There was a guy with a big old digger forming the base, and a massive backstop has been raised up, not that one was necessary considering the accuracy and skill of our members!

An equipment shed was being constructed by some of the fitter folk and there will be a sort of covered area similar to the Leek range, for loading between stages. If anyone has suitable materials hanging about in the sheds and garages and wish to donate it, then bring it along, sheets of plywood, lengths of timber, tables possibly, etc.

I would imagine that paint, brushes and rollers will be needed and possibly western styledecorative stuff would enhance the look and ambience of the final construction. Anyone got a set of Longhorns or a bulls head that the wife can't stand the sight of?

Keep an eye on the construction site when you are up there, any sensible suggestions will be considered!


Angel Eyes

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